New Post!


Hey guys and gals! Welcome to my blog about everything and anything. Unlike most blogs, each day will have a different topic so I can blog about anything! There is no specialty for this blog, as it is just a blog about life. I will have tips, recipes, fun facts, and much more. Want something specific discussed? Thursdays are topics chosen by y'all! Mondays I will create a poll (hint, hint: check out my Facebook for that 😉) where you can vote on the topic for the week! As you may be able to tell already, I am not formal, though I will try to keep my grammar correct (I know I have some "Grammar Nazi" friends out there). I want this blog to feel like you are chatting with a friend, so sit back and relax.

You may have read the blog description about life being a road with tough paths and obstacles. Why did I decide to use the cliche road analogy? Well, because I could. I think everyone has heard about choosing your path in life, coming up to a fork in the road and having to…